2009 - 2014

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Avro Anson Mk 1 N5130


Gwyn Hughes

(ongoing research last update 18 Nov.2013)

List of eye witnesses accounts in alphabetical order –

Richard Bromely – 7 years of age saw the aircraft, whilst playing after school near the Gasometer dome,  Cwm Place in Llandudno …. the aircraft was heading south from the Grand Theatre direction in difficulty .

Edward Doylerush (author)  visited the site that evening recalls a tall tree with parachute half opened , debris everywhere , picked up souvenir items – oxygen mask from a stream and an aluminium part of the fuselage ….the area was soft ground …with marsh …and mud .

Sue Foulkes – photographs obtained of damaged trees from her husband’s scrapbook …Earlam Foulkes

Dave O. Jones – 15 years of age he visited the site with his father ….the stream having a yellow coloured dye in it … some body parts were covered with at least 3 parachutes …large oak tree in field took some impact …aircraft parts found months later in Coed y Pistyll wood off Bodysgallen whilst playing .

Derek Jones 14 years of age , visited the site ..aircraft was nose down facing Conwy … found part of a skull with teeth and a dark blue R.A.F. cap …remembers taking some bits of Perspex home .

John Parry  - playing in field off Trinity Ave . the  aircraft heading south over Cwm Mountain adjacent to the Vicarage road / Conwy Road junction  ….with wing parts debris coming off .

Judith Raw whose father was policeman at Conwy , he visited the site that evening .

Billy and Peter Rowlands both brothers’ gave an account of the aircraft flying in difficulty over Deganwy Primary school towards High Pastures and down to Marl Woods that afternoon.

Margaret Roberts she was 8 years of age having a cardigan fitted with her mother, frightened as they  heard and saw the aircraft flying very low over their home in Plas Newydd Deganwy  , it came from the Morfa Direction  flying towards Marl Lane ……it was so low she thought it would land in the school field at Tywyn Deganwy ….her two twin brothers visited the site the next day .

Stan Roberts with friends walking home from school saw aircraft spiralling down uncontrollably …was prevented from visiting the site by his Uncle who was working near at the time …..” not a sight for children to see”  

Mike Sargent He was seven years of age at he time , at home in West Shore Llandudno , recalls walking up his path to his front door and hearing an extremely loud noise without prior warning , The noise could be likened to a large vehicle skidding with all its wheels locked , he turned around to see what was happening and saw the aircraft in question in the sky ……from the position he was standing the aircraft appeared to be above the hill behind Llandudno General Hospital …his father was outside also and witnesses the noise / aircraft  ….for just a fraction of time the aircraft seemed to be stationary , the fuselage in a horizontal position  flying directly towards him ( north westerly )   and he had a good frontal view ………………he noticed the wing sections outboard of the engines were missing , the engines and inboard sections were intact . The outboard sections were in pieces and fluttering down and around the fuselage …a fraction of a second later the aircraft nose dipped and vertically descended behind the hill with the debris outboard sections still floating down to earth .

His father hurriedly collect a neighbour who was Red Cross trained and drove off to locate the crash …came back later and was in shock and never spoke of what he had seen . He took me to the site later….. I returned home with a piece of the fuselage and recalls the position of the stricken aircraft near a corner of a field …walking down along  a hedge to gain access ….. he feels now looking back…. because of lack of noise from the engine prior to the noise described above ..the aircraft may have run out of fuel ….many children were used to such noises as many an aircraft would do their training flights over the estuary and above Llandudno daily during them months.


Douglas Malcolm Scarff …he was at Deganwy School or near the road crossing at PenTywyn,  at seven and a half years of age he recalls hearing the Avro Anson’s engines’ behaving oddly , he turned around to face the aircraft side on - seeing the aircraft wavering in a up and down motion slightly as it headed across from west to east with the Vardre in the background , over High Pastures and down towards Marl lane ..at this point it seemed to descend rapidly as it was trying to gain some sort of control …from where he was standing , at this stage it went out of view , he heard a crunch sound rather than a large explosion followed by a plume of smoke .

The following day he visited the site area, but could not gain access as the area was cordoned off by soldiers in uniform but often played in the area years after and knew the position of the fuselage and the trees where the aircraft hit …aircraft lay in a corner of a field adjacent to large trees and stream.

Wil Owen heard the aircraft crash from his back garden in Llandudno Junction …”a large bang”, years later can recall seeing an engine / parts in bog/pond near the Brick Garden within Marl Woods .  

Alan Thomas … 16 years of age working at the Fire Station in Market street Llandudno heard an aircraft in difficulty , visited the site later in the week …remembers seeing tracks of the aircraft in field adjacent to the wood …tracks seemed to indicate the aircraft came  from  Cwm Mountain direction .

Dave Thomas – recalls the damaged tree still exists and the area of the fuselage in a corner of field near stream and wood …access from Woodlands School.

Brian Williams visited the site and actually went into the fuselage.

I have now visited the site on numerous occasions with a few of the above witnesses, to the position where many thought they had seen the wreckage and have tried to confirmed its position….as to its final flight path although varied from these accounts …we know it was seen in difficulty flying very low over Deganwy in an easterly direction towards Marl ….you will no doubt have to make draw your own conclusions on the matter.

the eye witnesses listed below seem to have some consistency in their accounts of where the aircraft came down – and have given me some confidence to establish where approximately the aircraft came to rest .

Mike Sargent, Dave O. Jones, Alan Thomas, Douglas M.Scarff, Dave Thomas, and the 3 photographs kindly submitted by Sue Foulkes of the damaged trees at the time of impact ….from her husband scrapbook .

Researcher …….Gwyn Hughes